Client Testimonials 

  • It has taken me far too long to write this testimonial, mainly because I am not sure how to put into words the help, guidance and support myself and my husband received from Lyn. We had never had any type of counselling before so were unsure what to expect but having read the testimonials for Lyn on a marriage counselling website I had no doubt we would be in good hands. From the outset Lyn was welcoming and listened to us without judgement or blame. She encouraged us to speak openly about our relationship and allowed us to see a way of dealing with our problems whilst moving forward together. After each session we had we could see and feel the progress we had made. Lyn was such a warm, friendly and naturally engaging person, I am certain we would not have been able to repair our relationship as efficiently without her help. My husband and I are indebted to her and I will always be grateful to her for everything she helped us achieve.


  • Life Changing – after 52 years of having never had a relationship with my father – he was dis-approving and never gave me any love – I decided to see someone just to be able to handle the hurt I felt. I found Lyn and started counselling sessions. During our initial sessions Lyn pinpointed the issue – and after a number of ‘light bulb moments’ enabled me to understand what was happening. With a little more work she helped me to repair the relationship and now, unbelievably, I have a fantastic relationship with my father. This has changed my life and I regret not seeking help many years ago. If you have any issue, don’t wait, with Lyn’s assistance you can change your life. Thank you so much.


  • From the initial consultation with Lyn I felt completely relaxed and able to speak freely. I had crippling anxiety to the extent where in pressure situations my hands would sweat, I’d struggle to regulate breath, think, or articulate myself. I work in finance and had a very important interview coming up which I was getting increasingly stressed about, and fearing I’d be paralysed by anxiety and unable to function I decided to take action. My sessions with Lyn got to the historical underlying cause of the problem and from there we were able to work towards overcoming it. Any similar future situations hold no fear for me now. Many thanks for all your help Lyn.


  • When myself and my partner decided that we needed the help of a therapist, we were anxious to find someone that we felt comfortable with and who had the skills to guide us through the problems we were facing. We are so glad that we chose to work with Lyn. She created an environment that was safe and ‘open’ in which we felt we could be honest with ourselves as individuals and each other. The work that Lyn took us through was challenging but she was very supportive and understanding, and clearly has lots of experience and skills which enabled us to achieve our goals. We have learnt to see ourselves and each other in a different light and we now have the tools to deal with future challenges. Thank you for all your help.


  • I hope this finds you well. I have good news, we have discussed things and decided we won’t be needing another session. Your intervention came at a crucial time and I can only thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wisdom and guidance. If we feel in need of counsel in the future you will be our first port of call. Thanks again.


  • Thank you for the support and guidance you provided to me at such a difficult, dark and distressing time. To have been able to throw off the suffocating blanket that seemed to surround my mind for so many years has made such a difference to my quality of life. I now have a measure of normality that enables me to once again stop fearing the worst all the time.


  • Thank you for all your help with putting our marriage back on track and keeping the door open for us to stay there. We found Lyn very professional and easy to talk to and we are very grateful.


  • “Lyn is a great listener who always offers clear and constructive feedback. One of the best qualities of Lyn is being able to put you at ease no matter how difficult the situation you’re facing.”


  • When I first looked at Lyn’s website and testimonials prior to us having our first appointment, I read the words of others and thought if I ever had the chance to write my own, I would be blessed. I also felt it might take a miracle … as it would mean our marriage was not beyond being salvaged. The instinct to choose Lyn was spot on. Her wisdom, care & understanding of how 2 people who once loved each other & how it could fall flat, was looked at from all angles – the view was almost impossible to grasp from the both of us. We were at rock bottom & had formed such bad habits, it really was Lyn who helped us – and showed us how to help ourselves – giving us this chance to see if our marriage could work again. Her insight, patience, and probing us to look deeper into ourselves as to the why’s, how’s, etc, proved invaluable. She stripped our marriage back to basics, to see what, if any foundation, was there – and indeed, if we had the incentive & need to progress it. And it works! – as with all habits, it takes a long time for them to form, and just as long to change. Meeting Lyn, in my view, was our last and only chance of finding out if we had a marriage worth saving – we’ve come away with so much more and we will be forever grateful. We have learnt through Lyn to never forget how we both felt when we first met her, but to not dwell on it and to keep maintaining the positive changes we have made. If we ever have friends or family who find themselves in the depths of despair, or perhaps one wanting ‘out’ with the other unsure or desperate to try once again, then our recommendations for Lyn knows no bounds. It took much soul seeking & hard work on our part, but, having Lyn as the intermediary was an absolute necessity for us.


  • Thanks for all your hard work and for persevering! The sessions have been beneficial for us and we’ve taken a lot away! We’ll keep working hard.


  • Thank you so much for all your help. We know our work is ongoing to ensure a successful marriage, but you’ve certainly helped us lay strong foundations.


  • Dear Lyn. When I came to see you all those years ago, I was a woman who was broken. You, yes you, have enabled me to become a strong, independent, beautiful woman who at last loves her life and herself. I am so glad that I found you. Your support has been invaluable to me. Your guidance and some of your exercises have given me the tools to support my friends who have also been struggling over the last few years. My hell is now over after 4 long years and my life is now beginning again. My partner and I love each other very much, and he has taught me to love again. I hope I never see you again in a professional way Lyn!!! Thank you for everything; you really are a special person.


  • I was lucky enough to be given counselling sessions with Lyn last year for a good few months to solve an issue which I had no hope of solving myself. I was a confident, outgoing and fun loving person on the outside, but on an emotional level I was absolutely lost. I had no idea what to do and was in a horrible place inside. Lyn was the only person I could discuss this deeply personal issue with, and she helped me to find out exactly what it was and how to start to deal with it. Once I had the right frame of mind and the confidence to try different things to deal with the problem the effects were noticeable. After one year I can say that the counselling worked 99%. Even if the problem reoccurs I can solve it myself, and do not fall into the lost world I lived through for almost 5 years. Highly recommended. Thank you Lyn – Things are good!
  • We just wanted to say that we are extremely grateful for all the help and support that you have given us over the past five months. When we first contacted you, we both felt very nervous, as we are sure most people do. Your professionalism, humour and understanding took that initial anxiety away within minutes of meeting you. Because of your guidance and advice,we have reached a fantastic moment in our relationship and you have given us the tools to ensure that this moment continues into the future. We would encourage anyone to seek the help of Lyn if you need it – you really have nothing to worry about. Reaching out is the first step and the rest, with hard work, will see the results you crave and desire.


  • From the off, Lyn was welcoming and encouraging and made us feel at ease.  She knows her stuff and was able to share with us her toolbox of tricks that we could work with as a couple.  She has insightful ways and anecdotes that can help you see things clearly and makes concepts easy to understand.  She helped us to cut through all the smoke screens we had created and focus on what was important.  We would not hesitate to go back to her for a health check in the future.


  • We both just wanted to say thank you for all the help that you have given us. Although we know that a lot of the hard work is down to us, we truly believe that without your help and guidance to make us both look at ourselves and each other we would be living separate lives by now. Thank you so much for the kindness that you have shown us both. In the nicest possible way we are hoping that we won’t have to return in the future!!


  • “Following our relationship breakdown and finding ourselves in ‘Crisis’ we knew we needed professional help.  Having never ever considered the thought of a Relationship Counsellor, carrying the real fear of the unknown, wondering what they would do and how they would work with us we searched the web to find someone.  We both knew we wanted to work at our marriage and hopefully understand the route causes and rebuild our relationship.  We consider ourselves so lucky to have found Lyn Moody.  It was by pure luck that Google gave us her name and then reading her experience and capabilities we felt very comfortable contacting her.  We are so glad we did!  Lyn made the whole process very easy through her exceptional style and professionalism.  She understands when to step in and help, when to guide and when to lay down controls with us.  Through our sessions with Lyn Moody we have come to understand what happened and importantly we have learnt to talk and listen about our issues and resolve them together. We actually now look to forward to seeing her!  Lyn’s style is so easy and honest with excellent use of examples, delivery, tools and techniques that have enabled us to start rebuilding.  We have been lucky on two counts, firstly we found Lyn and secondly we wanted to work with her to rebuild our relationship.  We cannot recommend Lyn Moody highly enough, though the outcome is not guaranteed and can’t be, Lyn will ensure the help is delivered professionally and with care.


Training Testimonials

  • Thank you for making the course so interesting and enjoyable.


  • Her experience in all those fields have been something brought to the group, which has been educational. Her humour is amazing!! Love it and her outlook on life.


  • I knew I was right that I needed to be in your group. You are excellent at what you do and I feel very privileged. Thank you.


  • Got me to understand the power of silence, and helped me lose some insecurities about the role.


  • Thank you so much, it’s been fantastic. Thanks for giving so much of yourself whilst teaching.


  • Thank you for your insight and humour.  I’ve learnt and enjoyed the course very much.


  • The course will help me forever! Thank you so much.


  • I just wanted to thank you for such an enjoyable course, and to say that I have made it known that I am interested in doing another one. It would be great if you did the next course, and I hope to meet again in the future. I will miss the Thursday group. Once again many thanks for your help and kindness.


  • Course was delivered in a funny/serious manner. What shone out from Lyn was that she ‘knows her stuff’! Lovely person and sincere.



Supervision Testimonials 

  • Just wanted to thank you for all the help and support you have given me over the years. If I have grown into a ‘good enough’ counsellor during this time it is in no small part down to your mentoring.


  • I would like to wish you well for next year, and to thank you for the last 11 years of supervisions and your support. I have appreciated it immensely. Thank you.


  • Thank you Lyn for the years of professional, apt (sometimes irreverent!) but always grounded support. I have very much appreciated it.


  • Thank you for your support with my BACP accreditation. Much appreciated.


  • Thank you so much for all your wisdom!


  • Thank you for your support and encouragement in 2012


  • I wanted to thank you for being such a lovely tutor, and free spirit; you always made me laugh, but also think with your experience and insights. I feel I have grown a lot, and a lot is down to you and the group.


  • Thank you so much for all the help, understanding and perseverance that you have shown me over the past eight years.


  • Thank you very much for all your help and support over the past two and a half years – it is much appreciated.